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Little Footprints From My Journeys
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in tetsuko_chin's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, July 27th, 2027
2:01 pm
Master Fic List

             Jaejoong banner by kashiji

I am not a professional writer and my intention before when I made this account was to catch on some manga scan that is too expensive or too impossible to get in where I live. I was a passive user for about a year or two although by that time I was an active member of two forum. Everything change by the time I fall in love so deep with TVXQ, started with their Japanese career then the Korean one.

After I'm in tohosomnia I found pages about fan fiction, pairing inside the group and everything related to their fan service acts and started to hook on them. From Yunjae to Yoosu to Jaesu and Chansu. Strangely how I can only interest in this group and not with other, not until I start to get my interest in SHINee and it's pairing too. Even when I'm busy, especially whenever I'm so hectic with works and life, my visit to LJ to find fics become a kind of medicine and relief my stress. So, I'm switching from manga scanlation to fanfic reader and an amateur writer every now and then, this is remain the same until now.

From things I've read and heard, moments and pictures of evidence, and words that have been spoken between those characters I finally settled to have Jaesu and Onkey as my major liking. I meet lots of awesome writers through these pairing and made friends with some of them. As I really like them, an idea to write start to grow inside me and within this past 3 years I've done a few. Basically just to give a good treatment to my creative brain and if I made some people enjoy and happy with things I wrote, that would be another achievement for me.

I'm far from perfect. English also isn't my first language but I try my best in every story I made and improvement will come along the way. I'm very thankful to everyone that spend their time to read my work and a lot of love for those who kindly enough to leave a comment.


Jaejoong-Junsu (JaeSu)

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Saturday, November 17th, 2007
9:24 pm
well since three of yaoi's master of mine asked me different questions
i'll answer it all here...

yes yuu-chan somehow i'd feel grateful become yaoist  XD silly huh??
but i already know types that i like to read...not all of them but certain story and drawing that leaves a good feeling in me..
somehow when ur all alone...with no one close to you...like family..friends.. i mean real close friend...and of course even a lover...
when u have burden on ur shoulder about the work...the emptiness that u feel inside... i need something to keep my feelings alive..
at least when i read a good story like harudaki...i'm somekind of can get to feel their happiness too...and its good for the heart u know...
kalo hati masih hidup...well u wont be a sarcastic person...even life is sometime somekind of bitter...we still capable to care for other person...

sounds like bullshit... but i that's what i think... what i tought about hobbies that i like..
not only its because yaoi manga/story..but the content that really is matter..
of course the sex is another way to makes us happy to read isnt it? XD XD

well cyg-chan...it doesnt matter if you guys drag me all the way to hell XD XD
it's the consequences that i'm aware of since the first time i knew manga with bl hint and then when i read the real bl ... it's just great XD

well mom last week i'm in bandung for the meeting..
now i'm not. lagi di krawang sekarang..besok pagi balik ke banda..
tadi baru ketemuan ma temen di ambasador..udah janjian ma mereka..
yayyyy.. tadi dapet hana kimi yang nomer 11 ma cute guy na Tateno Makoto yang nomer 3

Current Mood: happy
Friday, November 16th, 2007
10:23 pm
Ladies Night
well there's nothing in particular.. just feel like to say it..
cos i'm in the middle of watching atomic kitten's Ladies Night album concert

i'm done with my meeting in bandung..
but still the headache continues... cos lots of other homework waiting for me..

thank god for the scanlation..
at least it can make me happy everyday..hahaha...cos i get to see lots of cute guy in my notebook ^^
what a life..*sigh...

but thank god i join a forum like JS
i made a lots of friend there.. including some of them which lead me to become addict for yaoi XD
but i never mind to it...

read : Always Kind by Masara minase

Current Mood: relaxed
Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
5:55 pm
Interesting Taboo by Takashi Kanzaki
he..he..short story but quite smex they always did.. XD

Imaginary Lovers
just chapter 1... and i already fallen a sleep...
God! so tired this week.. this is not going to end until next week...

i have meeting to attend with HQ officer...

Current Mood: tired
Monday, November 5th, 2007
5:33 pm
just finished reading some [quite a lots of it] manga from my dear yuu-chan

Calorie by Sakuragi Yaya..

interesting story... one sided love is something i used to get through..
if only there's someone in front of me who'd be my shoulder to cry on like Jun for Toshiya

just finished reading crimson spell by Yamane Amano... well it got a nice bishounen face of the chara...
but the chemistry.... i think Youka Nitta's Haru wo daite Ita still holds the best track in my memory..
I also found out that Harudaki - for what i think lately, its the masterpiece from Nitta sensei..
cos in When A Man Loves A Man series.. hehehe.. its too painful story for me to read... ^_^

Current Mood: drained
Friday, November 2nd, 2007
5:34 pm
Happy Birthday Father
Dear father,

This is a letter from your youngest daughter..
I wish you a wonderful birthday today...
Wish you all the best of healthiness, happiness in your life
And even though you're never mention it..somehow in my deepest heart..
I want you to be proud of me...what i achieve... as i always believe you do..

Current Mood: hopeful
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